the Meander

we are in visible

I made a great discovery this evening of a Belgian studio band from the 60’s called the Waikikis. Dreamy, Psychey, and super loungey… makes you wanna get some sand in between your toes. enjoy!

Riding on the seas of planet blue

Chancha Via Circuito!!!

C A N S O N 

good morning - original mix

this is so delicious! 

My new sounds:

Today, I came across the stunning work of Hubert Duprat; a french artist known for his deep exploration with the Caddis larvae. Born in 1957, he started his work in the 80’s. Duprat’s work is a compelling statement of the genius of nature creating with the nature of man- a cocoon of gold! Creating the conditions necessary for the Caddis to express its talents is like a stage for nature itself. enjoy the show!

another wonderful experiment of cymatics and powder 

artist: Susie Sie

the Human Abstract by James Blake
from Songs of Experience (1794)

the Human Abstract by James Blake

from Songs of Experience (1794)



Artist: Woo

Track: Overhead 

Album: It’s Cosy Inside (1983)

Quite literally one of my all time favorite albums. It paints a serene landscape onto whatever environment you’re in, listen on repeat.

Seahawks Solstice Trip 2013 by Seahawks